«Sewing Equipment Group» textile equipment company. Official representative in Central Asia since 2003. We work with such global brands as:

SIRUBA (Taiwan) - Sewing equipment

OZMAK (Turkey) - Printing Equipment

NORTH PHOENIX (China-Taiwan) - Embroidery Equipment

DMT (Turkey) - Ironing and cutting systems

EUROMAC (Switzerland-China) - Equipment for jeans production

RICHPEACE (China) - Equipment for home textiles

Sewing Equipment Group provides a wide range of services:

  • Technological equipment turnkey projects for the production of clothing and other clothing production.
  • Testing, installation and commissioning of the line.
  • Design development and training CAD system for fashion designers.
  • Sale of sewing, printing, embroidery and ironing equipment.
  • Service and full technical support.

We will help you purchase high-quality equipment at the best price, as well as provide you with quality work of any complexity.

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