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- 10 Inch touch screen color control panel.- Adjustable pneumatic pressure system on each printhead-..

FIKSE Drying

FIKSE Quritish

Designed for drying any textile inks. It can work under any conditions. This model is very easy to u..

Machine for drying textile paints.

To'qimachilik bo'yoqlarini quritish mashinasi

Drying is carried out with the help of hot air fan, for uniform distribution of heat. Heat insulatio..

Machine for printing tags.

Birkalar chop etish mashinasi

- The machine is designed for printing clothing tags, socks, gloves, slippers, bags and so on.- Adju..

Machine for screen printing

Trafaret bosib chiqarish mashinasi

This model has a powerful vacuum system and a halogen ultraviolet lamp, creating a stencilled patter..

Press for transfer printing

Transfer bosib chiqarish pressi

Widely used in transfer printing.Saving of time, thanks to a mobile head and a double table.Printing..

Silk-screen printing machine

Ipakli ekran bosma mashinasi

- Semi-automatic printing- Digital color panel- Aluminum tray for printing- Convenient material load..

Stretching machine for silk (chiffon)
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